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The most important part! Here, you'll find feedback from clients on projects and collaborations.

“It was amazing collaborating with Amar. He’s very creative with his ideas and the way he used lighting to take creative shots. He was very easy going and open to any of our ideas as well during the shoot. The end shots turned out beautiful! Definitely one of the best photographers we’ve worked with!"

 - International DJ's and music producers, DJ Twinbeatz

“Amar is one of the most creative, diverse and positive photographers I have worked with. He truly has a passion for this craft and in my opinion, he is one of the best in the field of Photography.”

 - YouTuber & aspiring Actor, Adris Tariq.

"Collaborating as a makeup artist with Amar has been a pleasant work experience. In an industry where a lot of professionals tend to be closed off to outside opinions, Amar has shown an extremely open mind, lots of potential and great teamwork skills which led to a great outcome of the photographs. Professionalism proved from start to finish as well as impressive organisational structure in place. I was delighted by this chance of working with Amar and I strongly recommend him as a professional photographer to anyone who is looking for a valuable result."


- Iulia Pop Make-up Artist

“It was exciting working with Amar. Very creative and the way he is working in the studio,  the adjustments he does is just amazing! He was open to my ideas aswell during the photo shoot. The shots turned out perfect and I'm happy with the results! I'll definitely be working with him again!"

 - Model, Adrian Pretsner

“It was great working with Amar of Amar Majid Photography and his team, very professional with a great vision. They also listened to my input and ideas to help execute a great shoot. I would definitely recommend and use them for future projects”

 - Singer & Music producer, Juggy D

“Working with Amar has been an Amazing experience, he’s professional, creative and has the know how to bring out the best in the photos he captures! We got along well from the start and he made it easy to work together to create some great images. Amar is patient, courteous and at no point did I feel uncomfortable. I would highly recommend Amar and will be using him again for my personal and business photography!”

 - Singer & Fitness Model, Salique

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Amar. He made me feel comfortable from the word go; from planning to storyboarding in the pre-production phase.


But more importantly his friendly and relaxed personality made me feel totally at ease during the shoot. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Amar’s photography work.”

 - Founder of Car Throttle, Adnan Ebrahim

"Amar contacted me for a photo shoot, and after seeing his work I said yes to the opportunity. The shoot was very professional, and Amar has a great way of capturing the moment to moment. The quality of the images was exactly what I was expecting and I was happy with the overall professionalism of the shoot. 

I would highly recommend Amar to anyone looking for a talented photographer."

 - Radio & TV presenter, Mim Shaikh

"Working with Amar, was a great experience. Not only is he a motivational photographer, but also very unique and creative with his ideas. This shoot was of great interest and excitement for me, as the talent and ability was visible from his previous work. Not only in a professional manner, but also the attitude and understanding, on how to get the best out of the model and images, willingness to amend ideas and adapt, are signs of a great professional. I would highly recommend Amar to anyone interested in unique, high end work, there’s nobody who does it better!"

 - Professional Model, Gurdeep Rai

"It was a pleasure working with Amar. I really enjoyed our shoot. He is very accommodating and easy to work with. He has a great work ethic and is very professional in all his interactions. Definitely, recommend him!"

 - Award-winning Music Artist, ARJUN

"Amar is an absolute professional to work with. From a models perspective, it was great to be part of the creative process involved in the photo shoot. Amar values a models input and remains patient, professional and thorough at all times"

 - Professional Model, Matt Adlock

"Incredibly professional, easy-going and collaborative photographer. Created a very comfortable environment to work in with freedom and ease. Highly recommended!"

 - British Actor, Akshay Kumar

"Working with Amar has been incredibly easy. He created a comfortable environment where we could mutually combine our visions for the best results. He has great skill as a fairly new photographer and is very willing to experiment with shooting styles and techniques to achieve something unique. I look forward to our next collaboration."


 - British Actor, Antonio Aakeel